WS 101 M/W- Cora Agatucci

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Women’s Studies
Historical Timelines

Table of Contents

Part I Women Make Early History

Part II 17th & 18th Century Women

Part III Modern Struggles for Equality

Part IV Struggle for the Vote

Part V U.S. Woman Suffrage Is Won

Part VI Women in the 20th Century & "Second Wave" Feminism

Part VII Women of the 1990s
& Sources and Resources for Further Study

"History looks different when
the contributions of women are included."

--National Women's History Project

See Internet Women's History Sourcebook (Paul Halsall, 1998-1999)
"This sourcebook attempts to present online documents and secondary discussions
which reflect the various ways of looking at the history of women
within broadly defined historical periods and area,"
subdivided into ancient, medieval, and modern resources.

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Women's Studies Historical Timelines
were prepared by
Cora Agatucci, 1997

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