Humanities 210 MIC/WIC- Cora Agatucci
Cultures & Literatures of Asia

Hum 210 Course Pack: Winter 2001
Table of Contents with Asian Links on Course Topics

[p. 1] Comparative Timelines of Asia: India, China, Japan

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library (Gen. Ed. Dr. T. Matthew Ciolek, 2001): 

~~ INDIA ~~

HUM 210 India Links: 

[p. 4] Maps 1& 2: South Asia Today, India-Physical Features

Maps of India (Purdue Univ.): 

Maps of Asia (Univ. of Texas, most from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency)

[p. 5] India Timeline 1: Early India (BCE to CE 8th c.)

The Ancient Indus Valley 

[p. 12]Maps 3, 4, & 5: Harappan, Mauryan & Gupta Empires

Map: Indus Valley Civilizations (World Civilizations, Richard Hooker, Washington State Univ.) 


[p. 17]India Timeline 2: Muslim & Mongol Empires (9th – early 18th c.)

[p. 21]Maps 6 & 7: Delhi Sultanate & Mughal Empire

[p. 25]India Timeline 3: The British Raj (late 17th – early 20th c.)

[p. 27]Map 8: British India (1797 - 1805)

[p. 33]India Timeline 4: The Independence of India & Pakistan (20th c.)

[p. 39]Maps 9: State Boundary Changes in India Since 1948

Historical Chronology of . . . Kashmir (Rpt. Converted Kashmir - Memorial of Mistakes: A Bitter Saga of Religious Conversion, by Narender Sehgal, Utpal Publications, 1994): 

[p. 40]Maps 10 & 11: Pakistan and Bangladesh

[p. 41] India Timeline Sources

[p. 42]Indian Languages & Scripts

Indian Languages & Scripts (from Y. Malaiya, Univ. of Colorado), including links to stunning manuscript illuminations and calligraphy: 

HUM 210 India Links: Languages & Writing 

Indian Languages Page - Index of Web sites related to Indian (India) languages and free Indian fonts:

[p. 48]Map 12: Distribution of Languages

[p. 49]Map 13: Religions of India

[p. 50]Illustration: The Hindu Trinity

[p. 51]Hinduism

[p. 59]Buddhism

[p. 63]Culture, Religion, & Myth

Theosophical Perspectives on World Spiritual Traditions 

[p. 67]Epic as Oral-Literary Genre Epic as Oral-Literary Genre

[p. 70]Characteristics of Indian Sanskrit and Folk Epics

[p. 74]Mahabharata Film Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74

HUM 210 Asian Films & Videos:  Mahabharata   

"A Wonder of Ancient India: The Mahabharata" by Nhilde Davidson (from Sunrise magazine, February/March 1997): 

The Song Celestial or Bhagavad-Gita [E-text], trans. Sir Edwin Arnold  (Theosophical Univ. Press Online ed.): 

[p. 90]Map 14: "Cracking India" - The Partitioning, 1947

Map of Pakistan: Major Ethnic Groups (Univ. of Texas) 


[p. 91]Cracking India, Bapsi Sidhwa, Parsis

[p. 93]Islam

[p. 96]Sikhism

~~ CHINA ~~

[p. 98]Map 1: China

Maps of Asia (Univ. of Texas, most from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency)

[p. 99]China Timeline Introduction

[p. 103]Map 2:  Land Forms of China

[p. 104]Map 3: China Proper [Provinces]

[p. 105]China Timeline 1: Early China (to 3rd c. BCE.)

[p. 117]China Timeline 2: Qin & Han Dynasties, & “Time of Troubles” (3rd c. BCE – CE 7th c.)

[p. 123]China Timeline 3: Tang, Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties (CE 7th – 17th c.)

[p. 131]China Timeline 4: Qing Dynasty and Clashes with the West (1644-1911)

[p. 137]China Timeline 5: Republican & Communist China (1912-Present)

[p. 144]China Timeline Sources

[p. 146]Illustration: Chinese Writing & Other Scripts

[p. 147]Writing Systems & Chinese Writing

[p. 156]Map 4: Dialects of China

[p. 157]Confucianism

[p. 166]Tao and Taoism: The Way or the Path

[p. 169]Yin and Yang, & the Five Material Agents

[p. 172]A Brief History of Chinese Filmmaking

HUM 210 Asian Films & Videos: Red Sorghum

~~ JAPAN ~~

[p. 181]Maps 1 & 2: Japanese Islands

[p. 182]Japan Timeline 1: Early Japan to CE 1185

[p. 190]Japan Timeline 2: The Medieval Period (CE 1160- 1568)

[p. 196]Japan Timeline 3: Tokugawa &Modern Japan (17th – mid-20th c.)

[p. 202]Map 3: Eastern Asia

[p. 203]Japan Timeline 4: Post World War II Period

[p. 206] Japan Timeline Sources

[p. 208]Shinto

[p. 212]An Introduction to the Japanese Language

[p. 216]The Ways of Liberation: Chan or Zen Buddhism, and Taoism

[p. 219]Zen Buddhist Influence on Arts and Crafts

[p. 221]Japanese Poetry & The Tale of Genji 

[p. 228]Kurosawa & Rhapsody in August film notes

HUM 210 Asian Films & Videos: Rhapsody in August

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