Humanities 210 MIC/WIC - Cora Agatucci
Cultures & Literatures [& Film] of Asia
Fall 2006: CRN #44598 - Tues & Thurs 12:45 - 2:25 pm - Deschutes 1
4 credits - Instructor: Prof. Cora Agatucci

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - We're moving back to DES 1
effective Tues. 17 Oct. 2006!

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Required Texts for Fall 2006 HUM 210 available for purchase from COCC Bookstore <> through Week #6 of Fall 2006 term:


Ishiguro, Kazuo.  A Pale View of Hills. [First published in 1982.] New York: Vintage International- Random, 1990.
[Paperback ISBN: 0-679-72267-X]


Sidhwa, Bapsi.  Cracking India: A Novel.  Minneapolis: Milkweed, 1991.
[Paperback ISBN: 0-915943-56-5]


Yu Hua.  To Live: A Novel.  [First published in Chinese: Huo zhe, 1993.] Trans. Michael Berry. New York: Anchor-Random House, 2003.
[Paperback ISBN: 1-4000-3186-9]

Additional HUM 210 Online Course Pack and Handout Readings will also be required.

In-Class Viewings & Study of Films are also planned for Fall 2006 HUM 210:

Whale Rider (film adaptation of the novel by Witi Ihimaera).  New Zealand-Germany, 2002. Dir. Niki Caro. [Language: English & some Maori; Run time: 101 min.]


Mahabharata.  France-India-U.K., 1989. Dir. Peter Brooks. [3-hour "mini" version in English.]


Seven Samurai - Shichinin no samurai Japan, 1954; re-issue: USA, 2002 [DVD].  Dir. Akira Kurosawa; Wr. Akira Kurosawa & others. [Language: Japanese, with English subtitles; Run-time: 160 min.]


To Live (film adaptation of the novel To Live, or Huozhe by Yu Hua).  China/Hong Kong, 1994. Dir. Zhang Yimou. [Language: Mandarin Chinese, with English subtitles; Runtime: 125 min.]

Course Description, Recommended Preparation & Transfer Information

HUM 210 - Culture and Literature of Asia - MIC/WIC
Introductory study of representative literary texts, films, and related language arts, in English or in translation, of Asian regions and countries, such as China, India and Japan, examined in context of their histories and cultural traditions.  Credits: 4 
*NOTE: In Fall 2006 HUM 210, we will also be studying the film Whale Rider (New Zealand) and relevant Maori cultural traditions.

Recommended preparation: Placement in RD 117 and WR 121. [That is, students with college entry-level skills in reading, writing, communication & critical thinking are best prepared to succeed in this course.  No previous coursework in literature, film, and/or Asian cultural studies is required, although such background is of course helpful.]

Transfer Information: Successful completion (with grade of "C" or better) of  HUM 210 counts toward satisfying current humanities general education distribution requirements for the Oregon Transfer Module (OTM) certificate, the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) degree, Direct Transfer (OSU-Cascades) degree (Perspectives: Cultural Diversity or Literature & the Arts), and various professional-technical programs. 

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