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Timelines of Asia:
Literary & Cultural History





India Timeline 1

China Timeline 1

Japan Timeline 1

ca. 2000 Harappan Civilization
2600-1900 BCE
Mythological Gods
& Heroes
Xia Dynasty
ca. 2200-1500 BCE

Jomon Culture
ca. 2000 BCE

Japanese Language
& Oral Tradition

  Aryans &
the Vedic Age

1500-500 BCE
Sanskrit & the Vedas
Ramayana &
Shang Dynasty
1750 –1040/1027 BCE
Chinese Writing
ca. 1000 Zhou Dynasty
1020 - 221 BCE
Classic of Poetry
The Five Classics
5th c. Chinese Philosophy
Warring States
403-221 BCE
Classical Prose
4th c. Buddhist Jatakas
Mauryan Empire
321-184 BCE
Bhagavad Gita
The Pankrits

China Timeline 2

3rd c. Qin Dynasty
221-202 BCE
2nd c. Han Dynasty
206 BCE - CE 200
Early Han Orature
& Literature

Han Confucian Classics
& Historiography
1st c. Tamil Literature Yayoi Culture
1st c. BCE
CE So. Indian Kingdoms
of Cholas, Cheras,
& Pandavas
3rd c. Uji Tomb Culture
CE 3rd c.

Chinese Writing
4th c. Gupta Empire
CE 320 -535
Hindu Renaissance
Time of Troubles
& New Religions

CE 220 – 589
Taoism & Buddhism
Sui Dynasty
CE 589-618
5th c.
6th c. Taika Period
CE 552-710
Buddhism Introduced
Emergence of Hindi
& Devanagari script

China Timeline 3

7th c.

India Timeline 2

Tang Dynasty
CE 618 - 907
Empress Wu
Tang Literature
& Old Style Prose

Popular Fiction &
8th c.   Nara Period
CE 710-784
Nara Literature
Nihon Shoki
  Heian Period
CE 794-1160
Heian Literature
& Kana
Tale of Genji
9th c. Muslim Invasions
9th - 12th c
Gita Govinda
Vernacular Literatures
  Song Dynasty
947 - 1127
NeoConfucian &
New Prose Styles

12th c.

Japan Timeline 2

Kamakura Period
1185 - 1333
Bushido & Samurai Code
Modern Japanese
Kamakura Poetry
Heike Monogatari
13th c. Sultanate of Dehli
13th - 15th c.
Yuan Dynasty
1279 – 1368

Yuan Fiction & Drama
14th c. Ming Dynasty
1368 – 1644/1662
Chinese Novels &
the Book Trade

Chinese Calendar
Muromachi Period
1333 - 1568
Renga (Linked Verse)
Noh Theater
Zen Buddhism
15th c.
Mughal Empire
15th - 17th c.
Bhakti Literature
16th c. Momoyama Period
1568 – 1600
17th c.

India Timeline 3

China Timeline 4

Japan Timeline 3

European Colonialism
the British Raj
17th - mid-19th c.

Maratha Empire
Urdu Literature
Western interest in
Bhagavad Gita
Sanskrit grammar
Qing Dynasty
1662 - 1912
Qing Fiction
& Dream of the
Red Chamber
Beijing Opera

Clashes with the West
After 1750

New Literary
Tokugawa (Edo) Period
1600 -1868
Genroku Period Arts
Kabuki &
18th c.
19th c.
to early
20th c.
Indian Mutiny
of 1857
later 19th c.
Rabindranath Tagore
Meiji Reform Era
1868 - 1912
Modern Language
& Meiji Literature
20th c.

India Timeline 4

China Timeline 5

Taisho Period
1912 - 1926
Taisho Era Writers
Indian Independence
1914 - 1947
Mohandas Gandhi
Republican Era
& Civil War
1912 - 1949
Luxun Lu Hsun
Showa Period
1926 to WWII
1930s Literature
20th c.
Partitioning of India
& Pakistan
- 1947
Cracking India
India & Pakistan

1947 - Present
Indian film
New writers
People's Republic
of China

1949 - Present
Cultural Revolution
Beijing Opera
Recent Literature
To Live

Japan Timeline 4

Post-WWII Period
1945 - Present
Post-WWII Literature
Cross-Cultural Literatures
& Film

A Pale View of Hills
Rhapsody in August

Timeline Sources

Timeline Sources

Timeline Sources

Asian Timelines were prepared by Cora Agatucci, in 1998. 
They are slowly being updated.  Please bear with me.

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