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Online WR 170: Documentation - WINTER 2010
CRN # 11360 - 1 Credit Transfer Elective
CORA AGATUCCI (see contact information below)
URL of this web page: http://web.cocc.edu/cagatucci/classes/wr170/index.html

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Winter 2010 ONLINE WR 170: Documentation (CRN # 11360)
is a Blackboard-based course conducted entirely ONLINE.

Mandatory Prerequisite for this COCC ONLINE Course:

Successful completion of COCC's Online Orientation Units 1-5 (Free Online Mini-Course):
--Information:  http://web.cocc.edu/onlineorientation/    
--Sign-up: http://web.cocc.edu/onlineorientation/orientation_signup.htm

NOTE WELL: To REGISTER for this Winter 2010 ONLINE WR 170: Documentation course OR even to get yourself on the Wait List for this course, you MUST have already successfully completed the COCC Online Orientation Mini-Course Units 1-5.

COCC Blackboard Login: http://bb.cocc.edu/

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Winter 2010 Online WR 170 students will NOT have to purchase
a textbook or course pack.

All required class learning materials will be provided in our WR 170 Blackboard course, to include Bb course documents prepared by instructor Cora Agatucci, online COCC Barber Library resources available to COCC students, and online instructional documents freely available on the World Wide Web.

What is WR 170: Documentation
and what will you learn in this course?

Brief Course Description from COCC Catalog 2009-2010:
WR 170 - Documentation
Instruction emphasizes what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it by applying college-level documentation practices, using accepted discipline-appropriate academic and professional styles, in research-based writing assignments across the curriculum.
1    Lecture: 1

Students who successfully complete WR 170: Documentation, will be able to achieve these Learning Outcomes (or Objectives):
--Learning Outcome 1:
  Define what plagiarism is and explain how plagiarism can be avoided.
Learning Outcome 2:  Identify the essential purposes of established academic and professional documentation styles (e.g. APA, MLA, Chicago-Humanities, AAA, Chicago Author-Date, etc.) for citing sources in college writing assignments across the curriculum.
Learning Outcome 3: Demonstrate competency in constructing an alphabetized bibliography containing several common types of sources (e.g. standard print sources, as well as online/electronic, field & other non-print sources), for each of which bibliographical entries are complete and correctly formatted according to ONE accepted documentation style (e.g. APA References, MLA Works Cited, Chicago-Humanities Bibliography, AAA or Chicago Author-Date References).
Learning Outcome 4:  Demonstrate competency in constructing several common types of in-text citations (e.g. summary, paraphrase, short and long "block" direct quotations indicating any necessary alterations with ellipsis and brackets,  indirect citations from sources, "unsigned" sources, "unpaginated" sources), each of which are correctly formatted according to ONE accepted documentation style (e.g. APA, MLA, Chicago-Humanities end Notes, AAA or  Chicago Author-Date) and clearly matchable to corresponding complete, correctly formatted entries listed in a master alphabetized bibliography of all sources cited in text.
Learning Outcome 5:  Review and edit documentation in one current or previously prepared formal research-based writing assignment that Cora will supply OR that you can supply if you have one, successfully applying above Outcomes 1-4 documentation skills and knowledge gained from this course. 
you do NOT have to write a new research paper for this 1-credit course!

How to Contact Cora Agatucci:
Electronic mail:
Cora's Office Location: Grandview 106-B  (Bend campus)
Cora's Winter 2010 Office Hours:
Cora's current Schedule (& also by appointment):
Cora's Office Phone & Voicemail: (541) 383-7522
Cora's COCC Home Page: http://web.cocc.edu/cagatucci/ 

Humanities Dept. Office & Cora's Mailbox: Modoc 226
Humanities Dept. Office Phone/Voicemail: (541) 383-7521 
Humanities Dept. Fax:  (541) 330-4396 - Attention: Cora Agatucci

WR 170 Online  Syllabus | Tentative Course Plan - Winter 2010
COCC Online Orientation Mini-Course Information:  http://web.cocc.edu/onlineorientation/   
COCC Blackboard Login: http://bb.cocc.edu/

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