Seminar #2 
HUM 211 - Winter 2010 - Prof. Cora Agatucci

Seminar #2 Points possible:
10 pts: Seminar #2 Written Prep
(meaning you must complete relevant readings & write out your Individual Seminar #2 Written Prep. as directed below - to be submitted to Cora for scoring at end of In-Class Seminar #2)
10 pts: In-Class Seminar #2 Group Report
(meaning you have to be in class on day of scheduled seminar to participate in seminar small group discussion, to help prepare seminar group report, & to participate in follow-up full class discussion of seminar group reports - to be submitted to Cora for scoring at end of In-Class Seminar #2)

Please label your assignment using MLA style heading in upper left hand corner of page 1:

Juanita Doe (your name)
HUM 211, Prof. C. Agatucci
(identify course & instructor)
Seminar #2 Written Prep.
(identify assignment)
11 January 2010
(identify date assignment is due)

Seminar #2 Reading & Written Prep. Directions:

Part 1. Oral Wisdom Traditions of Your Culture

A.  Recount at least one proverb, wise saying, short parable or story that teaches a lesson and/or affirms a value from your own culture's oral wisdom tradition
B. Describe a typical situation in which this proverb/saying/parable/story would be used and briefly explain how its lesson or value would apply to this situation. 
For background, see:

bullet 2.1 African Storytelling ONLINE:
bullet 2.2 In Praise of the Word ONLINE:

Part 2.  Write & Explicate Your Own African Praise Song

C.  Write an African Praise Song of yourself or of someone / something else, and in doing so try follow African Praise Song genre guidelines & examples offered in:


2.3 African Praise Songs  ONLINE:

D.  Then write a line-by-line Explication of your African Praise Song.

For more examples & inspiration, see these HUM 211 Online Course Pack resources:


2.4 Example Student Praise Songs [from past HUM 211 classes]:
--HUM 211 Student Praise Songs
- Fall 2000 & Winter 2003 ONLINE:

--HUM 211 Student Praise Songs - Fall 2004

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