HUM 211 Student Praise Songs - Fall 2004
Webposted with student permission ~ Thank you all so much!! ~ Cora

Short Cuts on this web page: Daniel: Raniera, Ngatoko | Travis, Mountain jumper | Stacy, Vast expanse |
Abigail, Moon Melody | Micah, After a great prophet |
Ich heie Genna | Kelsey, Woman of winter | Michelle, Sweltering Atlantic |
Scotti, First of two | Lindsey, Consciously Living | Aspen, Born to examine truth | Beth: A Willow's Journey |
Celeste, Bursting rays of sun | Blessed Is the Lord That Be | Kelsey, Cul-de-sacs and buzzing cars
Erin, back breaker | Patricia
(Pa-tree-see-a) | Lauren, Traveling by moonlight | Josi, The Eggshell

Daniel Sowerby
Daniel is from New Zealand, wrote his African-style praise song in Maori, his native language;
and delighted us by performing his song in class on 28 Sept. 2004  Bless you, Daniel!  ~ Cora.

[Maori Call:] [English Translation:]
Raniera, Ngatoko Daniel, the poles of which we circle
Whanau nga ma koru Born of the white ferns
N Aotearoa from the Land of the Long White Cloud
Ki runga o te mauriora upon the breath
nga Hau e wh, Te Wairua of the Four Winds' spirits
Ki raro i nga ringaringa Passed down to the hands
o Tan Mahuta, Te Atua of the guardian of the forests, Tan
     E kitenga moenga       To dream
      Ki raro te Taurangamoana        under the sleeping waters
     E kitenga moenga       To dream
      Ki raro te Taurangamoana        under the sleeping waters
Hoki matakitakitia e te ao
Watched by the silent
Kei roto i te paraikete nga whetu in the blanket of the stars,
nga roimata the tears . . .
    O Ranginui-i-te-po  . . . of the great Sky-Father
    O Ranginui-i-te-po  . . . of the great Sky-Father
    E kitenga moenga        To dream
     Ki raro te Taurangamoana        under the sleeping waters

2004, Daniel Sowerby

Travis, Mountain jumper

Call: Explication:
Travis (My name)
Mountain jumper (I moved from Salem to Sisters, OR)
Oldest of three (I'm the oldest of three kids in my family)
Shredder of snow (I snowboard a lot)
Squaw Creek (The creek I was raised around. One of my favorite places I've ever been)
Cat (I like to be around people, yet like to do my own thing)

2004, Travis Campbell  Top of this page

Stacy, Vast expanse

Call: Explication:
Stacy (My name)
Vast expanse (My family is spread all over from different Provinces in Canada to different states of America)
Another Land (I was not born in the States, but in Canada and I am Canadian)
Sweet Surprise (My parents were expecting a boy when I was born, but they got a girl.)
Keys of White (I am an accomplished piano player and have played for over 20 years.  It is one of the greatest loves of my life.)
Driven Spirit (I have always been a very independent and driven person, even when I was a small child.)
Compassionate Soul ( I am a woman of great patience and have compassion for people.)

2004, Stacey Christensen  Top of this page

Abigail, Moon Melody

Call: Explication:
Abigail (My name)
Daughter of Libra (My birthday is September 28th, which means I was born under the astrological sign Libra.  My parents' birthdays are September 28th & 30th, making them both Libras as well.)
Musical Instrument (This refers to my passion for creating and performing music, particularly vocally. I believe creative inspiration is channeled energy from the divine, which makes me an instrument in a way.)
Seeking Beauty Amid Urban Confusion (After high school attended art school in Southern California, which was a hugely life-changing event for someone who spent most of her youth in Bend.)
Homecoming Brings Elation (My journey back to Central Oregon was rather challenging, but when I returned home the somewhat disconnected pieces of my life seemed to fit together better. This line refers most specifically to my experience of finding love last summer with a man who also spent much of his youth in this area and returned here, despite having moved around to several other places.)
Mother's Wisdom (This line speaks of both my past discoveries and my hopes for the future. As I have grown older, I've learned more and more how wise my own mother is.  When the time comes for me to begin my own family, I will strive to pass on as much of that as I can to my own children.  Mother's Wisdom also makes note of my spiritual beliefs, as I have learned to encompass female deity in my reverence.)
Hope (I chose to end with this word because it holds so much power.  As long as a person can maintain hope in the face of struggle or adversity, the world doesn't seem like such a scary and unmanageable place.  Hope is the light of the world.)

2004, Abby Clinton  Top of this page

Micah, After a great prophet

Call: Explication:
Micah (My name now)
After a great prophet (My parents named me Micah after the prophet in the Bible.)
On new ground (I was adopted from Korea when I was 1 1/2 in 1987; however, this "new ground" in Central Oregon has been my home ever since.)
With a new name (My original name was Park, and my adopted family's name was Crawford.  However, my parents keep my old name for my middle name.)
Ambitions (This describes the many dreams and plans I have for the future, and some of the things I want to accomplish.)
Dances on water (This describes my love for wakeboarding and water sports that involve boats. I try to do as many tricks on a wakeboard as I can, and I guess you could call that a "dance.")
Loved and lost (This describes tragedies and/or loss of loved ones over the years, but also reflects the good relationships and memories that I have had throughout the years.)

2004, Micah Crawford  Top of this page

Ich heie Genna

Call: Explication:
Ich heie Genna ("My name is Genna" in German.  Ancestors on both sides of my family can be traced back to Germany.  I am currently learning German and hope to travel there soon.)
daughter of the Ram (My birthday is April 19th, an Aries sign. I am an Aries through and through. Also I find astrology interesting and love the night sky.)
crossroad roots (This refers to my birthplace, Bloomington, Indiana.  I lived there until I was eighteen and most of my family still lives there. Indiana's nickname is the "crossroads of America.")
four corners bound (I moved to Flagstaff, AZ after high school and I love the four corners area of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona. I feel like Flagstaff is where I really found my sense of self.)
floats on snow (I love snowboarding, it is my passion, and I enjoy the freedom of "floating" on fresh powder. Also, my favorite job ever was working as a snowboard instructor in Breckenridge, CO.)
mother of Siska (Siska is my dog and means "white wolf" in Lakota Sioux. The Lakota Sioux is a tribe I find fascinating and one I can identify with)
foreign explorer (I love traveling to foreign places and recently studied in London. It seems I'm constantly going to new places, even if they are just 20 min. away.)
paper love (I love books, reading, writing, etc.  I hope to be a writer someday.)
soars high (This refers to my free spirit, admiration for birds of prey, and high goals.  I especially love Red Tail Hawks and seem to see them all the time.)

2004, Genna Dick  Top of this page

Kelsey, Woman of Winter

Call: Explication:
Kelsey (my name)
Woman of winter (born in Dec., grew up ski racing and my life has been centered around skiing until last year.)
Forever dreaming (everyday I think o f a new place to go and see or a new adventure that is waiting for me)
On the move (I always want to be somewhere new, exploring distant places)
Supported by love (my family is amazing, esp. my dad who is completely supportive of anything I do - so long as I am making progress and growing as a person.)
Never give up (strongly instilled by my parents - once you start something, you must finish it, and I was raised to believe I can do anything I want.)
Strength (It is important to me to be strong-willed and minded and always upfront, never passive)
Independence (I suppose you could say I am a modern day feminist.  Independence is a very strong character trait of mine.)
Desire (I have the desire to see and do everything and not take life for granted.  Desire fuels me to keep working towards my dreams.)

2004, Kelsey Holmer  Top of this page

Michelle, Sweltering Atlantic

Call: Explication:
Michelle (my name)
Sweltering Atlantic (I was born on a hot day in the middle of summer in Maryland.)
Rose among the thorns (I am the only girl in my family, with three brothers; my grandmother uses this expression to describe me )
Ebb and flow (Cancer is my astrological sign and is ruled by the moon and the ocean; I feel connected to the tide)
With candy dog I go (Chaz, my chocolate Labrador, is my running companion and we are always together.)
On board I am (My passion is snowboarding and I enjoy all board sports like wakeboarding, surfing, skateboarding, etc.)
Journey (My life feels like a journey, moving from the East Coast to Montana to Oregon and next to Hawaii in January to continue my self-search exploration.)

2004, Michelle Horst  Top of this page

Scotti, First of two

Call: Explication:
Scotti (my name)
First of two (I am a big sister to my brother.)
Sunnyside up (I was facing upwards in the birth canal and they had to use tools to flip me over before my mom could give birth, giving me a scar on the side of my face.)
High Desert Roots (I was born & raised here in Bend and would like to raise my kids here as well one day.)
Flutter by Butterfly (I love the beauty & freedom of a butterfly.)
Pushes past panic (I have dealing with and making steps toward conquering my Panic Disorder.)
Ear to all (I love to listen to & help people however I can.)
Lover of sun (The sun is my energy & motivation to move through life.)

2004, Scotti Hughes  Top of this page

Lindsey, Consciously Living

Call: Response:
Lindsey Always Questioning
Consciously Living Always Changing
Hunger for Travel  
Ice is calling  
Fight with the Clan  
Seeks High Crags  
Piqued by Reptiles  
Horses are Kin  
Stands Alone Always Changing
Dragon to Authority Always Questioning

Student's Explication

Call: Explication:
Lindsey (My name)
Consciously Living (I am gaining an awareness of my impact in this world and making changes in my life style to make this impact a positive one. Those lifestyle changes have been societal, environmental, personal, global and humanitarian.)
Hunger for Travel (I have had a small taste of international travel, and have goals to make that a huge part of my life.)
Ice is calling (I worked with the United States Antarctic Program, and anticipate that I will go back to the Ice within the next four years.)
Fight with the Clan (I am close with my family, which makes it hard to travel for extended periods of time.)
Seeks High Crags (I am a rock climber and it is a huge passion in my life.)
Piqued by Reptiles (I am intrigued by venomous snakes and I like lizards and other reptiles.  I am a novice, though, and have a great deal to learn.)
Horses are Kin (I grew up with horses and I live on a horse ranch here.)
Stands Alone (I am in a phase of my life where I crave isolation and solitude. It is fascinating and I am exploring myself in new ways.)
Dragon to Authority (I can't bear to fit inside the box of society, of the establishment.  Even going to school now and plugging myself into the system of rules of thought, appearance, and behavior are a huge compromise for me.  I chafe and despise our federal government, and am exploring avenues to escape from it.  The dragon is ferocious -  I protect my rights with a blinding fury that can be difficult to control.)
Always Questioning (I am very inquisitive about our world, and I hope to always have a desire to question.)
Always Changing (It is human nature, and part of the journey of self.  I embrace it.)

2004, Lindsey Jolly  Top of this page

Aspen, Born to examine truth

[Call:] [Response:]
Born to examine truth Journey inward
Representing free thought Journey inward
Seek only to find Journey inward
Through respect life is a reflection of the soul Journey inward
Untainted by Babylon Journey inward

Student's Explication

Call: Explication
Born to examine truth (I am most inspired by my own thoughts. Believing solidly that knowledge arises uninfluenced within our self.)
Representing free thought (I live by no specific structure, just desire to keep the inspiration for and from life alive.)
Seek only to find (I seek and in that I always feel at peace)
Through respect life is
a reflection of the soul
(I respect my breath and the beating of my heart and knowledge flows like the vast soul inside my flesh.)
Untainted by Babylon (Unaffected by the strengths and weaknesses of our society because I am counter culture.  Knowing from my mother's womb Jah took my soul and started holding me.)

2004, Aspen Lowe   Top of this page

Beth: A Willow's Journey

Call: Explication
Beth (birth name)
German seed (paternal and maternal family roots)
First of three (first born of three children)
Fierce and feline (independent by nature like a cat. Living on her own terms. A Leo in astrological charts. Willful with a big heart.)
Gypsy shoes (moved to many different places much of my life. Moved in and out of many different social circles. Searching for self.)
Illumination (discovering the light within myself. Many questions answered.)
Heart on fire (passionate about living in the light.)
Bursting through frozen ground (journey to break through the chains that bound me.)
Living prayer (full and fluid living. Wholeness of self. Friend, daughter, partner.)
Willow (bending with and through life.)

2004, Beth Massingill   Top of this page

Celeste, Bursting rays of sun

Call: Explication
Bursting rays of sun from heaven (My father says that as soon as I cried out when I was born that the sun had just come up over the Brooklyn Bridge . . . I used the word heaven as that is the meaning of my name.))
Conqueror of disease, sickskin over jutting bone (I had anorexia for over ten years.)
Looks away (I am always looking at what others need, and sometimes find it hard to look within myself.)
Carrier of light in mouth (I love to laugh.  and smile . . . )
Healer of sadness (I try to lighten and brighten moods through my sense of humor.)

2004, Celeste Mauclet   Top of this page

Blessed Is the Lord That Be

Call: Response:
Ashley . . . Blessed is the Lord that be
Born one of three Blessed is the Lord that be
Given so much more Blessed is the Lord that be
Living in liberty Blessed is the Lord that be
Always ready to soar Blessed is the Lord that be
Life is a melody Blessed is the Lord that be

Student's Explication

Call: Explication:
Ashley . . . (My name)
Born one of three (I am the youngest of three children)
Given so much more (I feel that I have been given so very much in life.  So much more than I feel I deserve or could ever ask for.)
Living in liberty (I am given so much freedom, partly from living in the United States and also through opportunity and education. I also feel that living a life where you are very loved is a liberating experience as well.)
Always ready to soar (I am always awaiting the next experience and the next open door to give me the opportunity to learn and improve.  It may be a challenge and I might not enjoy it while I am in the midst but looking back it is amazing to see where we started from in comparison to where we are currently.  Constantly pushing limits.)
Life is a melody (Life is an absolute challenge, but it [is] learning to romance life and embrace it for what it is. Take a hold, hear the beat and dance through it.)
Blessed is the Lord that be (It has been my understanding in life that in all things to always give praise to God and to glorify him. No matter the circumstances there is always a lesson to be learned and the Lord is the light unto my path and holds the answers to my challenges.)

2004, Ashley Minor  Top of this page

Kelsey, Cul-de-sacs and buzzing cars

Call: Explication
Kelsey (name)
Cul-de-sacs and buzzing cars (born in Portland and never lived outside Oregon)
Food fanatic (likes cooking and loves chocolate.)
Runs with the wind (loves to see horses run.)
Book worm (always enjoys a good book)
Night owl (likes to hang out late)

2004, Kelsey Parks   Top of this page

Erin, back breaker

Call: Explication
Erin (my name)
back breaker (my mom had a fairly short but very hard labor, because she had pains in her back)
from thistle to maple leaf (my grandparents on my dad's side immigrated from Scotland to Canada when my father was 4 in 1952)
one in five (I am one girl in 5 boys)
talks to animals (I love animals. I have 3 cats and talk to them like they're my children)
guides the children (I would like to teach elementary level)
rock (I like to lay low and kind of stay in the background like rocks)
earth (like the earth, I am very giving and a natural nurturer)
peace (the meaning of my name in Gaelic)

2004, Erin Sheppard   Top of this page

Patricia (Pa-tree-see-a)

Call: Explication:
Patricia (My name)
Distant influence (I was adopted from Costa Rica, and my parents worked very hard to adopt me and take me to Oregon.)
Birds of Paradise (This describes that I came from a place with beautify colorful birds)
Sunbathing Jellyfish (I love the warm sun, and my life has been pretty free flowing, I have traveled a lot and I keep trying new adventures)
Comforting Confidential (My goal is to go into counseling with children, I am someone that people can talk to, I have a way of listening)
Playing in the mud (This describes my wonderful childhood of playing outside and of course making mud pies!)
Secret Places (I have a tendency to imagine and go far in my dreams and thoughts)
Stand atop a mountain (I love the outdoors, hiking, exploring and climbing to high places.)
Rain scattering thoughts (My dream is to write a novel, my thoughts are usually thinking of new stories and characters, so much information to always be thinking about in my life)
Giggling gal (I have fun, I laugh a lot, and I bring out the child inside me)
Legs hanging free (I am relaxed when I am just hanging out with friends and family, laying in the grass or sitting in a hammock, my free spirit is so alive)
Brushing red hair (The person I best bonded with is my little sister Katherine, who has long beautiful red hair that I would brush when we were young.)

2004, Patricia Smith  Top of this page

Lauren, Traveling by Moonlight

Call: Response:
Traveling by moonlight Sing true
Sunflower overhead  
Guided by an Eagle's spirit Sing true
Words flowing from within  
Reaching out towards those around Sing true
Smile bright  
All the night  
Smile bright  

Student's Explication

Call: Explication:
Lauren (my name)
Traveling by moonlight (my family has moved constantly chasing after what only the moon can hold)
Sunflower overhead (my optimistic cheery outlook)
Guided by an Eagle's spirit (my daydreams soar on an eagle's wings)
Words flowing from within (my passion for writing)
Reaching out towards those around (the connections I feel with other people)
Smile bright (most people remember me by my smile)
All the night (my favorite time to be awake)
Smile bright (my outlook on life . . . happy, also my person faith filling me)

2004, Lauren Statton  Top of this page

Josi, the Eggshell

Call: Explication:
Josi (My name)
Watcher, touches (I am an ardent observer, who too regularly gets involved)
Born of Ocean and Ocean's rhythms (I was born at the sea and have always felt the ocean's tides running in my body)
Rain (Where I'm from it rains everyday and I associate my writing with rainy days)
Light of foot and quick to move (I am the first to leave, flight before fight)
Swimming in two directions (I am a Pisces and seem to fit its details perfectly)

2004, Josi Stephens Top of this page

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