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STUDENT PRAISE SONGS (Hum 211, Fall 2000)
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A Praise Song


After the martyr
Troubled Eyes
Mind of Pictures
Heart of Mercy
Whose Fingers dance upon strings
Whose hands guide the pen
Gatherer of Steel


Line 1.    Andrew (My name)
Line 2.    After the martyr (Apparently, one of our great ancestors [also named Andrew?] was hung for a crime for which he was later proved innocent.)
Line 3.    Troubled Eyes  (Born with no muscles above eyes: could not look upwards.)
Line 4.    Frustration (Refers to the fact that [for] whole life, [Andrew? I?]  haven't been able to fully fulfill dreams.)
Line 5.    Mind of Pictures (Colorful vivid imagination, creative)
Line 6.    Heart of Mercy (Forgiving of transgressions)
Line 7.    Whose Fingers dance upon strings (Plays guitar and music)
Line 8.    Whose hands guide the pen (Loves to draw, artist)
Line 9.    Gatherer of Steel (Collects swords and other blades)
Line 10.   Patience (Knowing that soon I will finally be able to use my talent and be what I want to be)

2000, Held by student: Published first name only with Student Permission

[unsigned by student request]

She Who Waits

Call: Response:
She who waits
Time goes slow 
All is lost 
This she knows
Hopes for heaven
The other side


Line 1.  She who waits  (The individual's Praise Name)
Line 2.   Time goes slow (Stating that she must wait) 
Line 3.   All is lost (No longer having hope) 

Response:   This she knows

Line 4.   Hopes for heaven (Meeting up again.)

Response:   The other side (Place to reunite.)

2000, Held by student: Published anonymously with Student Permission

Jillian Cook
Jillian, Animal medicine woman

Call: Response:
Jillian Animal medicine woman
Born in snow Animal medicine woman
Of Dane and Scot Animal medicine woman
With Wolf I walk Animal medicine woman
Helper of the animals Animal medicine woman


Line 1.   Jillian (The individual's name )
Line 2.   Born in snow (I came into this world early, in a snow bank outside the hospital.)
Line 3.   Of Dane and Scot (I come from Danish and Scottish ancestry.)
Line 4.   With Wolf I walk (My companion and protector and in some ways my spiritual guide is my wolf-hybrid.)
Line 5.   Helper of animals (My social role in life when I have attained my full humanness on my life journey will be Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.) 

2000, Jillian Cook

[first name only by student request]


Cora of cora
Driving winds
Green soil
Dedicated souls
Warm touch
Driven hands
Brilliant laughter


Line 1.   Cora of cora (My name and my namesake.  I am named after my maternal great grandmother, a small strong woman.)
Line 2.    Driving winds  (Refers to the amount of traveling that I have done, and have yet to do.  The majority of my travels has been done via car and takes me to the most wonderful places.)
Line 3.    Green soil  (My mother has grown plants since the beginning, her loe for the earth and what it has to offer has transferred to me.  I enjoy touching and seeing things never altered by man.)
Line 4.    Dedicated souls (My family has taught me that accomplishing things I begin, and doing the best that I can is something that will carry me well through my lifetime.)
Line 5.    Warm touch (During my life, I have been accepted and cared for by every family member; I believe this makes a person confidant and able to live a comfortable happy life.  I wish to carry this trait on and touch everyone I care about with warmth.)
Line 6.    Driven hands (My parents and brother [my immediate family] drive the whole country.  They cover hundreds of thousands of miles a year: when the north gets too cold for safe driving, they move to the south and drive some more - this is all work related.)
Line 7.    Brilliant laughter (My appreciation for sunsets and the colors that the earth contains.  There are as many different colors as there are words.  Laughter combines and calms the colors of the soul.)

2000, Held by student: Published first name only [ anonymously] with Student Permission

Laura Dunaway
In Praise of Laura

Call: Response:
Laura  In Praise of Laura
Birth with Jesus Christ   In Praise of Laura
Full head of hair  In Praise of Laura
Tenth sign of the zodiac In Praise of Laura
Hungarian magic In Praise of Laura
Small country community In Praise of Laura
Loveable, Lazy In Praise of Laura
Tragedy of life In Praise of Laura
Service Leadership In Praise of Laura
The commander and the idealist In Praise of Laura


Line 1.   Laura (The individual's name)
Line 2.   Birth with Jesus Christ  (She was born 2 days before the day Jesus was said to have been born.  It was Dec. 23 when she arrived.)
Line 3.   Full head of hair (She was born with an unusual amount of long, dark hair on her head.)
Line 4.   Tenth sign of the zodiac (She is a Capricorn astrologically and this has had a spiritual influence in her life.)
Line 5.   Hungarian magic (Her great, great grandfather was a famous magician of Hungarian ancestry.)
Line 6.   Small country community (Camp Sherman, a little community in Central Oregon, is where she spent a good portion of her childhood.  It is also a place where some of her best memories were created.)
Line 7.   Loveable, Lazy (Her totem is the domestic cat because like the cat she is loveable, lazy and can be a bit frisky at times.) 
Line 8.   Tragedy of life (When two of her pet dogs died, that was the first time she had experienced death and it was a wake up call for her.)
Line 9.   Service Leadership (She has always been socially sensitive to the less fortunate and last year she became a volunteer with Americorp to help those who need it in her community.)
Line 10. The commander and the idealist (Her brother is a year younger than she and they have shared many experiences and they do share some character traits.  He has a commanding nature to him.  Her friend, who is her age, has some shared affinities and character traits with her.  The friend is an idealist.)

2000, Laura Dunaway

Kevin Dunn

Kevin Dunn
Older brother of two
Native of Tacoma Washington
Role model to two
Trekked many miles
Friend of twins
Son of Lee and Dunn
Lover of Fishing


Line 1.   Kevin Dunn (My name )
Line 2.   Older brother of two (Oldest boy in the family with two younger brothers Sean and Andrew.)
Line 3.   Native of Tacoma Washington (Lived in Tacoma until I was 10 years old, then moved to Eugene, Oregon.  I had to meet new people and start over again.)
Line 4.    Role model to two (I have to be a role model to my two younger brothers, helping them to follow the correct path.)
Line 5.    Trekked many miles (I have walked or hiked many miles with my father, Boy Scout troop, and my dog.  This activity has brought me peace of mind, friendship, and many great memories.)
Line 6.    Friend of twins (My two best friends are twins who have showed and taught me a lot of different things.) 
Line 7.   Son of Lee and Dunn (I am a son of Janet Lee and John Dunn.)
Line 8.   Lover of Fishing (I have loved the sport of fishing; it consumes many days of my life.)

2000, Kevin Dunn

Dale Elder

Setribo, the Animalboy

Possibility of snow
High Desert Basin of Oregon
People of the Alkali
Keeper of the flock


Line 1.   Setribo (Second of three boys.)
Line 2.   Possibility of snow (There was a possibility of snow the winter day I was born.)
Line 3.   High Desert Basin of Oregon (I was born on the High Desert in the Great Basin region of Oregon.)
Line 4.    Haggard  (People working hard and getting nowhere.)
Line 5.    People  of the Alkali (Alkali soil surrounds the area I am from.)
Line 6.    Keeper of the flock (I am an animal tender, an ancestral tradition of my family.)

2000, Dale Elder

[first name only by student request]

Praise Song 

Call: Response:
Jake Meow on don dayo
Evolving from snowflake to snowman   Star, Sun, Moon, dayo
A call to travel
ease Cross the sea for many dayo
simplicity ya yo
whose family has been chosen Maka laka Hen Heart
Taka saka fraka tea mart
student of art Tender in the knee
perhaps one day Grandpa Tele Tele, Tele, Tele
Together (a sly kind of laugh):
heee! heee!  heee!  


Line 1.   Jake (my name )
Line 2.   Evolving from snowflake to snowman (meaning that I come from a cold climate and will until I become an old man.) 
Line 3.   A call to travel (because I am a wonder [wanderer?] by heart.)I 
Line 4.   ease (because that's the way I like things to be.) 
Line 5.   simplicity (this is how I always want things to be.) 
Line 6.   whose family has been chosen (because my family has gone through situations that were fully in the hands of the divine power.)
Line 7.   student of art (because I throw pottery on the whell and also enjoy various forms of art.)
Line 8.   perhaps one day Grandpa Tele (because I telemark ski and one day hope to pass on the skill and know how to younger children.)

2000, Held by student: Published first name only [ anonymously] with Student Permission

James Maxey

Praise James

Bright shining sun
Wise of places afar
Mountain lion
Believer of herb


Line 1.   James (My name)
Line 2.   Bright shining sun (This is because of my astrological sign.  I am a Leo and he is the ruler of the sun.)  
Line 3.   Wise of places afar  (Because I am from many different places, I have never born born and raised in the same place.)
Line 4.    Mountain lion (The mountains are one of my favorite places to be, and me being Leo the lion makes me a mountain lion.) 
Line 5.    Believer of herb (Because I believe all herb that bears seed on this Mother Earth is a great gift to humankind and creates a positive force between people.) 

2000, James Maxey

Amanda Pacheco
Praise Song

Feet before head
Journey Afar
Stubborn Taurus
Leader of Youth
Lover of Dreams


Line 1.   Amanda (The individual's name)
Line 2.   Feet before head (I never think before I do something, or I take action before thinking.)
Line 3.   Journey Afar (I have traveled to place; I have experienced different places.  I traveled to Mexico to visit my family.  I have lived in California in many places.)
Line 4.    Stubborn Taurus (I was born in April and I am a very stubborn person.  Taurus is an animal that is tough and not moving at all.)
Line 5.    Leader of Youth (I am a member of OLI and work with children.)
Line 6.    Lover of Dreams (I wrote this because I like to dream.)

2000, Amanda Pacheco

Eli Smith
EAZ, the Spinner of Words

The Sun Behind the Clouds
Quiet Precision that Silences
Shooter of words that beat the arrow
Soaked with Trouble
Speaker of Consequence


Line 1.   EAZ  (Name given because of easy personality and calmness )
Line 2.   The Sun Behind the Clouds  (Creates words that remind others that there is a sun, and a better day, behind the clouds.)
Line 3.   Quiet Precision that Silences  (Words spoken softly that may calm the greatest of storms.)
Line 4.    Shooter of words that beat the arrow  (Can express the words to someone and have it hit the heart faster than any arrow from Cupid's bow.)
Line 5.    Soaked with Trouble (Have many experiences that got me in trouble, but made me wider.)
Line 6.    Speaker of Consequence (Speaks about punishment that I went through, hoping someone will learn from my actions .)

2000, Eli Smith

Cathy Stafford

Call: Response:
Woman of 4 daughters Giving woman
Wife of many years   Giving woman
Student of college Giving woman
Seller of cosmetics Giving woman


Line 1.   Woman of 4 daughters  (I have 4 children)
Line 2.   Wife of many years  (Married 7 years.)
Line 3.   Student of college  (Obvious.)
Line 4.    Seller of cosmetics  (Sells Mary Kay.) 

2000, Cathy Stafford

Kendall Voget

Last girl
Sunny ~ side ~ up
Bear Creek
Lovingly open


Line 1.   Kendall (The individual's name )
Line 2.   Last girl (Four older sisters and one younger brother.)
Line 3.   Sunny ~ side ~ up (I was going to come out but first until they stuck a huge metal thing inside my mom to turn me around.)
Line 4.    Elephant (I have always felt a strong connection to elephants and could have been one in some other life.)
Line 5.    Bear Creek (My parents built our house next to Bear Creek and it has provided an abundant source of water for my mom's beautiful gardens and ponds.)
Line 6.    Lovingly open (I choose these words to describe my best friend because she opened my eyes to many new optimistic ways of viewing things and her heart is full of love.)

Kendall Voget, 2000

~Webposted with student permission ~ Thank you all so much!! ~ Cora

Jasson Coffman

Jasson For a purpose
Misplaced   For a purpose
Chosen For a purpose
New life For a purpose
Guided For a purpose
Journey For a purpose
Lost Soul For a purpose
Adventure For a purpose
Followed For a purpose
Following For a purpose
Strife For a purpose
Gift For a purpose
Success For a purpose
Story For a purpose


Line 1.    Jasson (My name)
Line 2.    Misplaced  (Signifies my early childhood)
Line 3.    Chosen (I was adopted)
Line 4.    New life (Signifies my chance at a good life)
Line 5.    Guided (My parents' love and patience for me)
Line 6.    Journey (Leaving home and joining the military)
Line 7.    Lost Soul (Still trying to find my place and purpose in this world)
Line 8.    Adventure (My huge sense of adventure)
Line 9.    Followed (My friends and the people that believe in me)
Line 10.   Following (My friends and the people that believe in me)
Line 11.   Strife (What I will go through)
Line 12.   Gift (What I will give to others)
Line 13.   Success (What I will achieve)
Line 14.   Story (What others will say)

RESPONSE: "For a purpose" (I believe everything happens for a reason.)

2003, Jasson Coffman

Sarah Elliott

Sweet child  
Named for beauty It is true
Hungers much  
Travels far It is true
Thick Hair of Black  
Tired eyes It is true
Welcoming arms  
Baby of three It is true
Full of Strength  
Hidden Knowledge It is true
Gift of Music  
Sweet Child It is true


Line 1.  Sweet child (Flore, my daughter)
Line 2.  Named for beauty (Name means "flower")
Line 3.  Hungers much (malnourished)
Line 4.  Travels far (brought by foot to orphanage)
Line 5.  Thick Hair of Black (curly, black hair)
Line 6.  Tired eyes (affects of poor nutrition)
Line 7.  Welcoming arms (bond within family)
Line 8.  Baby of three (two older siblings)
Line 9.  Full of Strength (early walker)
Line 10. Hidden Knowledge (quick understanding)
Line 11. Gift of Music (loves song & dance)
Line 13. Sweet Child (Sweet Flore)

2003, Sarah Elliott

Dan Hayward

Description of Love


The living love
A cloud in the sky
ceramic art
The stars above
Beating heart
A big cup of hot chocolate
………….…with arsenic
It comes as an Angels light
A swift blade
Pick the right star


Line 1.   The living love (The Name of what I’m writing about and the fact that it’s not just a word.)
Line 2.    A cloud in the sky (It’s sometimes here and sometimes not, also can be full of surprises or shade from the heat.)
Line 3.    Ceramic art (Can be molded into many beautiful things but is very fragile and handled carefully or it can easily be broken.)
Line 4.    The stars above (They’re always there but not always visible.)
Line 5.    Currency (We must work very hard to get it but it is so easily taken away and yet we always feel better having it.)
Line 6.    Beating heart (The heart must beat for us to live and the heart must love for it to live.)
Line 7.    A big cup of hot chocolate (It can warm a person up from the inside out.)
Line 8.    ………….…with arsenic (But it can also slowly kill from the inside out.)
Line 9.    It comes as an Angel's light (A beautiful woman.)
Line 10.   Breath (Much like breathing, once you do it feels like you must keep doing it in order to live.)
Line 11.   A swift blade (Mine has been killed many times.)
Line 12.   Pick the right star (There are millions to choose from and yet one may never really know which one is meant for them.)

2003, Dan Hayward

Nikki Hoke

In Praise of My Disease: Cancer


malignant growing
opens eyes
darkens heart
no surprise
struggling soul
nauseated stomach
reveals love
rise above
close death
closer life
survive! survive!
life revived!


Line 1.    malignant growing (when I turned 19, I found out that I had a rare form of cancer growing inside of me)
Line 2.    opens eyes (It has inevitably changed the course of my life, and how I perceive the world.)
Line 3.    darkens heart (But at the beginning, my heart was incredibly sad and depressed about having cancer.)
Line 4.    no surprise  (This isn't surprising, because when most people go through cancer, it is really hard on them.)
Line 5.    struggling soul  (It became so important that I do not accept this darkness, and had to struggle with my soul to get out of it.)
Line 6.    nauseated stomach  (when I went through radiation therapy I had extreme nausea and threw up everyday for over 4 months.)
Line 7.    reveals love  (people who went through cancer with me impressed me more than I impressed myself. Everyone was amazingly eloquent and beautiful.)
Line 8.    rise above  (Everyone's love for me, as well as my love for myself, helped me to see cancer as a positive experience rather than a harmful one.)
Line 9.    close death  (I almost died)
Line 10.   closer life (but instead cancer gave me the chance for a richer life by humbling me so much.)
Line 11.   survive! survive! (I WILL SURVIVE THIS!)
Line 12.   life revived! (oh, my life is so much better than before cancer!)

2003, Nikki Hoke

Justin Miller

A Praise Song

Justin Sane

Lover of Angels

Caretaker of Hearts

Master of the Minute

Fool of the Hour


Line 1. Justin Sane (a nickname given to me by my closest friend... play on Justin and insane)

Line 2. Lover of Angels (also relating to my friend and those I care for)

Line 3. Caretaker of Hearts (though its got me into more trouble then I can remember I've always been known to care too much, if thats possible)

Line 4. Master of the Minute (a sort of irony, I always wait till the last minute to get things done, but somehow am able to do it)

Line 5. Fool of the Hour (a greater fool then myself I believe I shall never meet)

2003, Justin Miller

Ike Mundell



Doctoro E----
Mouth Miner
Seasonal Foe
Daydreaming Tires Screaming
Revolving Pain


Line 1.  Doctoro E---- (names the person)
Line 2.  Mouth Miner (identifies him as dentist)
Line 3.  Seasonal Foe (most people don’t look forward to going to the dentist twice a year!)
Line 4.  Daydreaming Tires Screaming (my dentist has a fetish for car racing and still talks about his passion constantly. I was able to guess by his enthusiasm that he drove the red sports car in the parking lot)
Line 5.  Revolving Pain (explains the way I feel when I go to the dentist. If my mouth hurts, then he will make the pain retreat, but if my mouth feel okay and he works on it, the pain usually attacks)

2003, Ike Mundell

Jolynn O'Neal

Jolynn frogs in the meadow
Chosen gift   singing their song
Supporter of many frogs in the meadow
Keeper of faith let's all sing along
Ray of sunshine frogs in the meadow
Explosion of heart singing their song
Journey of joy frogs in the meadow
Endless let's all sing along


Line 1.   Jolynn (Name )
Line 2.   Chosen gift (adopted)
Line 3.   Supporter of many (the one many people talk to for advice and just someone to listen)
Line 4.   Keeper of faith (always positive, trying to see the good side of it all)
Line 5.   Ray of sunshine  (Sunshine is a nickname many unconnected people have given me throughout my life)
Line 6.   Explosion of heart (what happened to me when I went back to school)
Line 7.   Journey of joy (what I am on right now finally discovering who I am and doing things for me)
Line 8.   Endless (what the journey is all about - the endless opportunities that are coming my way)
RESPONSE: frogs in the meadow / singing their song / frogs in the meadow / let's all sing along (frogs and music have been a large part of my life from childhood until now and forever)

2003, Jolynn O'Neal

Kyle Piispanen
A View

A long horizon
A gray day
Blue becomes brown
Green becomes black
Trees sway
Birds fly
Roof tops shelter
This day counters the next


"A View" is what I see. The long horizon out the window, the type of day and the colors. I explain the movements I see and the functionality that humans have built.  I feel the roof tops are disconnecting us from the nature and the mood of the day. This day counters the next refers to that mother nature runs in cycles but we forget about it.  A “good” day can be followed by a “bad “ day.


Getting off the beaten track
Find your adventure spot
Funny what little peace
Funny how much peace
Open the door
Surf the black sand Beaches
A new trip everyday
Find a view just for you


"Travel" expresses my desire to go on an adventure and the value I have found in learning from the experiences of the world. "Funny what little peace" refers to all the suffering in the world, "Funny how much peace" refers to the peace we can find within ourselves in any condition. And the secret that “poor” people around the world have found within themselves even though they have so little they have what they need. Peace with Mother Earth. Then I continue with what I feel is my American point of view, that we are in the process to find peace for ourselves.

2003, Kyle Piispanen

Niquelle Reyes
Praise Song

From the desert
Adored daughter
South pay
In the lead
Hands on the board
Around the world


Line 1. Niquelle  (my name)
Line 2. From the desert  (I was born in Phoenix, Arizona and I lived there until I was 12)
Line 3. Adored daughter  (I am very close to my family and they love me very much)
Line 4. South paw  (I had a very stressful birth, which is a main cause for left-handedness, which I am)
Line 5. In the lead  (I am a natural leader)
Line 6. Hands on the board  (I love to boogie board in the ocean, I love the sun and beach)
Line 7. Around the world  (I have traveled all over the world and it's one of the things I enjoy the most)
Line 8. Determination  (I am a very determined person and I set goals and reach them)

2003, Niquelle Reyes

Yvonne - - -
Praise Song (combined with Explication)

With child (I am pregnant)
Dreamer (high hopes of being successful)
Tough as nails (stubborn personality)
Genuine (real person)
Deep in love (with child and significant other)
Troubled soul (confused about life's path)

2003, Held by Student

See also HUM 211 Student Praise Songs - Fall 2004

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