ENGL 390- Cora Agatucci

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English 390 Multicultural Literature Spring 1998
a course offered through COCC's University Center and Eastern Oregon University
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Art Encompassing Morals: China's Fifth Generation Filmmakers
by Mary Uhland

Cross-Cultural Learning: It All Started with a Fortune Cookie
Unsigned by student request

Dream of the Red Chamber
by Joyce Fox

Dream of the Red Chamber and the Qing Dynasty
Unsigned by student request

Elementary Education: Japanese Unit
Unsigned by student request

A Guide to Multicultural Education [A Bibliography of Children's Literature]
Unsigned by team request

Introducing Cultures through Music
by Angela Alvarez

Introduction to China Unit
Unsigned by team request

Japanese Haiku, Cuisine, and Art
Unsigned by team request

Multicultural Education in the High School Language Arts Classroom
by Christine Clark & Lance Haberly

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