Writing 122- Cora Agatucci
English Composition [Argumentation & Critical Reading-Response]

Speaker: Elizabeth Eckford
Hitchcock Auditorium
Wednesday - January 23, 2002
12 noon and 7:30 pm, free

Ms. Elizabeth Eckford, of the Little Rock Nine during the Civil Rights movement of the 60's, will be visiting us in Bend to address issues of civil rights and tolerance.  She is one of the nine students who were forced to integrate into the high school in Little Rock, Arkansas in the early 60's.  Some of you may remember seeing her picture - she is a single black woman being followed by a mob of students sneering and spitting at her as she attempted to make her way to school that day.

I am writing to ask you to encourage your students in your classes next quarter to attend the lecture either as extra credit or as a part of your class.  The reason I am contacting you now is because I believe that Ms. Eckford's message will be much stronger if students are provided a context around which to understand her message.  An ideal means of doing this would be to incorporate issues of civil rights into your teaching plans (if appropriate) for early next quarter.  This event is a part of the Martin Luther King Day events that will occur over the course of several days this year (1/21 is MLK day). It is an excellent opportunity to really make Martin Luther King's message meaningful and relevant, especially given the state of our world affairs today.

On behalf of the Diversity Committee, I urge you to strongly consider ways of incorporating the civil rights movement and its messages of hope and tolerance into your lesson plans for the second and/or third week of classes next quarter.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Thank you for your time and serious consideration.

Cynthia Engel
Coordinator of Student Programs
Office of Student Life
Phone:  541-383-7592
Fax:  541-317-3070

See also "I Have a Dream," by Martin Luther King, Jr. ~ Available online:

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