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Writer's Profile #2
WR 122, Prof. C. Agatucci, Winter 2002
See Winter 2002 WR 122 Course Plan for assignment deadlines

  A.  SELF-ASSESSMENT SURVEY: Formal Academic Summary Skills
Below you will find a list of Writing 122 Competencies (targeted skills or learning outcomes) relevant to the Formal Academic Summary Assignment.  Please complete the following survey by rating yourself in each category using this 5-point scale:

·        Rate your Formal Academic Summary skills in each category using this 5-point scale:
5 = Excellent/A;  4 = Very Good/B;  3 = Adequate/C;  2 = Weak/D;  1=Poor/F

·        Comment: Feel free to comment on your self-assessment in any/all of the Competencies categories. 

____Competency 4: Summarize published arguments . . . .”  To complete the Formal Academic Summaries assignment successfully, a student summarizer must be able to analyze the content of a published AofA  argument (and to some extent its structure), and distinguish main ideas (e.g., thesis claims and argumentative purposes; major supporting claims, reasons, opinions, assumptions, rebuttals, etc.) from minor points (e.g. less important claims, reasons, supporting evidence, detailed example, etc.)

____Competency 3:Demonstrate the ability to adopt a persona or tone that serves [the]. . . purposes . . . ” and audience expectations of the Formal Academic Summary genre: to provide a fair, accurate, and objective, concise yet clear representation of the main ideas in the published arguments being summarized.  To complete the Formal Academic Summaries assignment successfully, a student summarizer must, therefore, adopt and maintain an objective tone and (disappearing) persona, and use techniques such as “author tags.”

____Competency 2.  To successfully complete the Formal Academic Summary, student summarizer must cite the published argument being summarized in a complete and correctly formatted MLA-style bibliographical entry.  In doing so, the student writer not only avoids plagiarism, but demonstrates the ability to cite an outside source [i.e. the AofA argument being summarized], “. . .  (2) correctly documented according to some currently accepted practice [i.e. use MLA style for a bibliographical Works Cited entry].

____Competency 5.  Use writing to provide a peer with alternative viewpoints and suggestions for revising and editing.” Participation in the Writers Workshop gives students practice in providing written and oral constructive criticism intended to help their “peers” [i.e. other student authors] effectively revise and edit their preliminary drafts of the Formal Academic Summary.

____Competency 6:  “Adopt a writing process to incorporate the special concerns of . . .” summarizing published arguments.  To complete the Formal Academic Summaries assignment, the student summarizer must first read critically and carefully, set aside her/his biases, and annotate to identify main points for inclusion; then adapt her/his writing process—e.g. organizing, drafting, workshopping, revising, editing-- to the special genre conventions of the Formal Academic Summary (e.g., editing for conciseness and clarity - see also Directions and Examples handouts).

____Competency 7.  Preparing a preliminary draft on time with copies, participating in the Writers Workshop, acting on peer feedback, revising and submitting “Final Draft” on time, gaining instructor’s critique & option to revise further, analyzing and acting on constructive criticism received, give you practice and effective means to improve your own writing.

If you have the revision option for the Formal Academic Summary, and if you plan to use this option, list here (as specifically as possible) your plans for revising and improving your Formal Academic Summary


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