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English Composition [Argumentation & Critical Reading-Response]

Writer's Profile #1
WR 122, Prof. C. Agatucci, Winter 2002
See Winter 2002 WR 122 Course Plan for assignment deadlines
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Below you will find a list of Writing 121 Exit Competencies (or learning outcomes): that is, a list of targeted skills and learning outcomes that students are expected to have attained upon successful completion of WR 121 at COCC.  Whether or not you have completed WR 121 at COCC, please complete the following survey.

        Rate your current writing skills in each category using this 5-point scale:
5 = Excellent/A;  4 = Very Good/B;  3 = Adequate/C;  2 = Weak/D;  1=Poor/F

        Comment: Feel free to comment on the Competency in the space provided. 

[College Essay Writing, Reading, & Analysis Skills:]

___Competency 1:  Write essays that use a thesis to establish control over content; supply relevant and adequate supporting details; employ the organizational strategies of effective beginnings, transitions, and endings; and conform to standard edited English.


___Competency 2:  Achieve Competency 1 under time constraints (during the WR 121 final exam), while conforming to expectations of an assigned topic and of edited English appropriate for timed writing.


___Competency 3:  Demonstrate the ability to use a variety of expository essay patterns, such as definition, classification, analysis, problem-solution, and comparison-contrast.


___Competency 4:  Employ observation; personal experience; active, responsive reading as the basis for essay content.


___Competency  5:  Employ the responsible use of sources (without plagiarizing) as the basis for essay content.


___Competency 6:  Demonstrate, in an essay, a sustained style employing rhetorically effective tone, persona, diction, idiom, and syntax.


___Competency 7:  Use critical reading and writing to analyze and synthesize ideas in an academic writing sample, identifying rhetorical patterns, major assertions, and supporting details.


[Teamwork, Self-Assessment, Revision & Editing Skills:]

___Competency 8:  Complete appropriate written critical peer reviews of student essay drafts, including suggestions for revision and editing.


___Competency 9:  Complete at least one (formal or informal) written review of the student's own writing strengths and weaknesses, including effective self-prescriptions for improvement.


[Writing Process Skills:]

___Competency 10:  Demonstrate, monitor, and articulate the complete idiosyncratic process that the individual writer uses to complete an essay, including such steps as invention, thesis formation, organization, drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading.


[Communication & Rhetorical Analysis Skills]

___Competency 11:  Demonstrate an awareness of a variety of purposes and audiences.


B.  YOUR LEARNING STYLE:  If you took Writing 121 at COCC (and/or a similar writing course elsewhere), please respond to the following questions:

1.  Which aspects of WR 121 (or other past writing courses) were most useful in helping you improve or develop your writing skills this term?  And, briefly, why?


2.  Which aspects of WR 121 (or other past writing courses) were least helpful to you?  Again, briefly, why?




Here, please feel free to comment further on your writing background, skills, attitudes, goals, and/or offer Cora any other comments that may help her help you in WR 122 this term: 



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