Seminar #4: A Pale View of Hills
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HUM 210, Prof. C. Agatucci
Seminar 4 Written Prep. Notes
17 October 2006

Seminar 4 Directions: Write 3 entries for a projected Reading Guide on A Pale View of Hills

bullet Focus each of your 3 Reading Guide entries on identifying, citing, and explaining significant passages, scenes, chapters, or literary elements of the novel, selected because they are worthy of attention and will help other students better understand A Pale View of Hills
bullet At least one of your entries must address a passage selected from Part Two (i.e. something from chapters 7 - 11) of A Pale View of Hills.
bullet When you quote, paraphrase, and/or summarize from A Pale View of Hills, please identify page number and chapter as in this MLA-style example:

Niki, Etsuko's younger daughter, comes to visit her mother on a "mission" to assure Etsuko that she is not to blame for Keiko's death (Pale 10-11; ch. 1). 
bullet While plot summary of significant passages, scenes, or chapters from the novel is certainly useful, you must do more than summarize. Explain why and how each of your Reading Guide entries is significant and will help the rest of us better understand A Pale View of Hills.  Accompany your Reading Guide entries with relevant and thoughtful "Questions to Consider" designed to stimulate further discussion on the topics addressed by your entries.
bullet If you do any outside research, be sure to AVOID PLAGIARISM and CITE YOUR SOURCE/S!

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