Seminar #4 Directions
HUM 211 - Winter 2010 - Prof. Cora Agatucci

Seminar #4 Points possible:
10 pts: Seminar #4 Written Prep
(meaning you must complete Seminar #4 Readings & Film viewing & write out your Individual Seminar #4 Written Prep. as directed below - to be submitted to Cora for scoring at end of In-Class Seminar #4)
10 pts: In-Class Seminar #4 Group Report
(meaning you have to be in class on day of scheduled seminar to participate in seminar small group discussion, to help prepare seminar group report, & to participate in follow-up full class discussion of seminar group reports - to be submitted to Cora for scoring at end of In-Class Seminar #4)

Please label your assignment using MLA style heading in upper left hand corner of page 1:

Juanita Doe (your name)
HUM 211, Prof. C. Agatucci
(identify course & instructor)
Seminar #4 Written Prep.
(identify assignment)
27 January 2010
(identify date assignment is due)


Seminar #4 Written Prep – Do ALL:

Part 1:  Olaudah Equiano
--Based on your reading/s (e.g. 4.3), what is the significance of Olaudah Equiano and his slave narrative? 

Part 2  Film & Poetry:  I Is a Long Memoried Woman – Do ALL:
--Select two significant aspects of the film and/or poetry
(e.g. title, scene, poem/s, theme, image, character, Nichols' commentary, etc.) that seem to you important in understanding I Is a Long Memoried Woman
--Illustrate these two aspects with specific examples from the film and/or poetry. 
--Briefly explain why you think the two film aspects are important to helping us better understand/appreciate I Is a Long-Memoried Woman.
--Pose any questions raised by the film and/or poetry that you’d like to discuss further in seminar.

UNIT 4 Backgrounds & Required Readings from HUM 211 Online Course Pack (online):
--4.1 African Holocaust & Diaspora ONLINE:
      --4.2 African Timelines Part III: African Slave Trade & European Imperialism
      --4.3  Olaudah Equiano ONLINE:
      --4.4 I Is a Long Memoried Woman Film Notes & Viewing Guide ONLINE:


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