Final Project: Annotated Bibliography Directions
HUM 211 - Winter 2010 - Prof. Cora Agatucci

Final Project: Annotated Bibliography must be WORD-PROCESSED AND DOUBLE SPACED or it will not be accepted for grading.  Please use 4-line MLA style Heading to identify your assignment:

Juanita Student

HUM 211, Prof. Cora Agatucci

Final Project: Annotated Bibliography

15 March 2010


Part 1: Topic Description (one paragraph using complete sentences – DOUBLE-SPACED!)
--Briefly introduce the topic  or research question/s that you decided to find sources on
--Briefly explain why you are interested in this topic or question, and how it extends our Hum 211 African studies this term.

Part 2:  Annotated Bibliography (on 3-to-5 “good” sources – DOUBLE-SPACED!)

Find 3 to 5 good sources that you can recommend to others on your chosen topic/research question.  You may NOT use any sources already required by regular HUM 211 course work this term. Your job is to extend our African studies beyond what we’ve already studied together.  You can, however, address a question about a text or a topic we’ve studied in HUM 211  – e.g. griot or Disgrace – as long as you find 3 to 5 sources  that Cora did not assign on these topics/texts.  

You will then present your 3-to-5 good sources on your chosen research topic/question formatted as an annotated bibliography.  Cora will provide examples  in Blackboard and in class on Monday, 3/8/2010.
For each source: (a) Construct a complete MLA-style bibliographical entry
followed by
(b) a one-paragraph “annotation”—using complete sentences!--
which summarizes the source’s contents, highlighting its particular value on your research topic or question, and a brief evaluation that justifies why you recommend this source as a “good” one to others interested in the topic.



Note Well:  You are NOT writing a research paper or essay.  You are constructing an Annotated Bibliography, quite a different thing!  We’ll discuss further in class during Week #10.  Meanwhile start choosing an African studies topic of interest and finding some good sources!   Email Cora over the weekend if you have questions or want to try out topic ideas:




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