Seminar #3: Seven Samurai & Brief Research Report
Revised Deadline: Thurs. Oct. 12, 2006
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HUM 210, Prof. C. Agatucci
Seminar 3 Written Prep. Notes & Brief Research Report
12 October 2006

Seminar #3 Directions:

Part A.  Prepare written notes on at least TWO key scenes, characters, themes, and/or other cinematic aspects of Seven Samurai that you consider significant to understanding the meaning and impact of film. You should also integrate into your prep notes in-text citations of passages from course handout/s relevant to your topic choices (see Seminar #1 directions for examples).  Be sure to explain why you consider your choices significant.

Part B.  Brief Research Report.  Find and review at least ONE useful source on a topic relevant to our study of Seven Samurai (e.g. Bushido / Samurai; Zen Buddhism or Shintoism in Japan, Akira Kurosawa, watch another Japanese film like Rashomon or Rhapsody in August directed by Kurosawa, etc.).  Identify the source with a full MLA-style bibliographical entry* and write a brief annotation summarizing the contents of the source and explaining why you found it useful to our HUM 210 study.
*Note: Cora will help you if you bring your source or bibliographical information on your source or the URL of your source to class on Tuesday, Oct. 10.

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