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WR 20 Final Portfolio - Fall 2001
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See Fall 2001 WR 20
Course Plan for Deadlines

Portfolio Directions 
(Two best revised WR 20 writings & Cover Letter) - worth 20% of course grade

DUE Mon, Dec. 3, 10:15 a.m., JEF 101, at our scheduled Final Exam meeting:  Your Completed WR 20 Portfolio

·        WR 20 Portfolio cannot be accepted late.  If you anticipate a problem meeting this deadline, see Cora as soon as possible to discuss!!

A complete WR 20 Portfolio should include all the materials listed below and should be submitted in a folder:

  1. YOUR TWO (2) BEST (REVISED) WR 20 WRITING ASSIGNMENTS to be re-graded, chosen from Paragraphs #1, 2, 3, 4, and Essay #1. *See also the *New Writing Option described below.  The final drafts of your two (2) (revised) Portfolio writing selections must be typed or wordprocessed, and double spaced, or they will not be accepted for grading.
  2. COVER LETTER-ESSAY (see directions below).  The final draft of your Portfolio Cover Letter must be typed or wordprocessed, and double spaced, or it will not be accepted for grading.  Please proofread carefully.
  3. ATTACHMENTS:  Include in your Portfolio the original graded versions (with Cora’s evaluation checklists) of your Portfolio writing selections; and Outline/Preliminary Draft of the Cover Letter/Essay

A.      SELECTING AND REVISING YOUR BEST WRITING for WR 20 this term:  Your Portfolio should contain two (revised) writings selected from the previously graded paragraph and essay writing assignments completed this term in WR20. 

 “New Writing” Option:

At least one of your Portfolio writing selections must be a revised version of previously completed WR .20 writing assignment (selected from Paragraphs #1, 2, 3, Essay 1).  However, if you wish, you may choose to write one new paragraph or essay as your second Portfolio writing choice.  If you choose this option, be sure to keep your preliminary draft(s) and to submit them as attachments with your Final Draft of the new paragraph or essay writing.

Selection Criteria for Choosing & Revising your Two “Best Writings”

(To be identified and developed in your Cover Letter/Essay):

(1)   Demonstrates your abilities to meet WR 20 standards of good paragraph and/or essay writing and editing – Review relevant Odyssey chapters, past assignment directions handouts, and evaluation criteria used in grading your previous WR 20 writing assignments to help you identify the strengths of your Portfolio selections;

(2)   Represents Improvement in your writing and/or editing skills since the beginning of the term – see advice under #1 above to help you identify areas of improvement;

(3)   Provided a meaningful Learning Experience in helping you achieve WR 20 course Competencies – See Final Writer’s Profile: Wr 20 Learning Outcomes Survey (separate handout) to help you identify relevant course learning objectives;

(4)   Any additional reasons of your own, and/or your own personal learning objectives achieved may also be identified and explained to support your Portfolio writing selections.


·        Cora will be available by appointment only during Finals Week, so contact me if you want to see me.

·        The Writing Lab operates through Fri., Nov. 30, the last day of regular classes.  It will be closed during Finals Week.


LENGTH:  Your Portfolio Cover Letter-Essay should be at least four (4) paragraphs long.  Suggested Length: about 500 words, or about two typed/wordprocessed and double-spaced pages

AUDIENCE:  General WR 20 readers, Cora and your future self, say a year from now.  Imagine yourself looking back over your WR 20 Portfolio and reflecting on your WR 20 learning experiences a year from now. 

Use what you’ve learned about essay writing (e.g., review Odyssey Ch. 14) to help you structure and develop your Cover Letter-Essay. 

Paragraph #1 – Introduction. 

Paragraphs #2 and 3 (Body Paragraphs).

·        Devote one well-developed paragraph to each of your two Portfolio writings. 

·        Each body paragraph should have a topic sentence identifying the Portfolio writing by title and the main reason/s (selection criteria) why you selected that writing to include in your Portfolio of “best writing.” 

·        Then develop each of your body paragraphs by explaining in more specific detail how and why this writing represents one of your best.  Be as specific as possible in explaining your reasons, and give examples from the selected Portfolio writing to support or illustrate your reasons.

Paragraph #4—Conclusion.  Reflect back on your WR 20 learning experience and sum up by commenting on the following:

·        what you have learned (e.g. about your general writing strengths and weaknesses, your writing process, your writing attitude) this term;

·        how you have improved as a writer this term; and

·        any writing and editing skills that you would like to improve further, giving yourself specific advice to remember in tackling future writing assignments (that is, what you want to remember about yourself as a writer so that you can address future writing assignments successfully).

Final Writer's Profile (Survey of Writing Skills & Goals)

Directions:  Read the following WR 20 Course Competency statements, and do the following:

Paragraph Writing Skills

___Competency 1: Be able to produce stand-alone paragraphs with a topic sentence and supporting details.

___Competency 2: Be able to maintain focus and coherence for stand-alone paragraphs of at least 200 words.

___Competency 3: Be able to distinguish between general support and specific evidence and to apply the distinction to one’s writing.

Sentence Editing & Correction Skills

___Competency 4: Be able to produce paragraphs containing a variety of sentence lengths and structures, including some complex sentences.

___Competency 5: Be able to edit one’s own writing to avoid most major sentence errors.

___Competency 6: Be able to edit one’s own writing to avoid capitalization, spelling and confused word errors.

___Competency 7: Be able to edit one’s own writing for generally accurate use of commas, semi-colons, apostrophes, and pronouns.

The Writing Process

___Competency 8: Understand the principles of the writing process in its basic form: generating ideas [prewriting], organizing ideas, drafting [composing], revising and editing.

Writer's Workshops

___Competency 9: Be able to assist other writers with accurate analysis of focus, coherence, and specific development, at the paragraph level.

List & RATE here any other course learning goals of your own:  

Portfolio Evaluation

Evaluation: Final Portfolio                         Name______________________
Worth 20% of Course Grade                          
WR 20, Agatucci, Fall 2001                            Grade/Score_____________

Portfolio is complete:            YES  or  NO

·         2 “Best” Revised WR 20 assignments (must be typed/wordprocessed & double spaced)

·         Cover Letter/Essay (must be typed/wordprocessed & double spaced)

·         Attachments (original graded versions & Cora's evaluation checklists of "best" writings)

·        Final Writer’s Profile (WR 20 Course Competency Survey)

Evaluation Guide:
Based on how well relevant WR 20 Course Competencies are achieved

____ = Excellent;  ____ = Very Good; ____ = Satisfactory; ____ = Weak

____1.  Cover Letter/Essay

____2.  “Best” Writing #1

____3.  “Best” Writing #2


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