Topic Proposal & Annotated Working Bibliography (of 5-to-8 Sources)
WR 122 Handout -  Prof. C. Agatucci - Fall 2010

Worth: 50 points; DUE: __________________________________

Part 1.  Topic Proposal:  In one or two clearly written paragraphs using complete well-formed sentences:
--(a) Introduce your chosen topic issue (
on which you plan to write your Research-based Argument Essay ), for intelligent but perhaps uninformed college-level WR 122 audience; and demonstrate that your topic issue is "arguable" by briefly summarizing two (or more) opposing positions and/or alternative viewpoints currently taken on this issue;
--(b) Briefly explain why you have chosen this topic (e.g. why it interests you), state any initial opinion/s you've already formed on this issue, but affirm your willingness to investigate with an open mind and consider fairly opposing/alternative positions on this issue;
--(c) Identify the type/s or aim/s of argument essay - to convince and/or to persuade, or to mediate--
that you plan to write for this assignment;
--(d) Comment on your success, thus far, in quickly locating five-to-eight relevant, authoritative sources, at least one of which represents an opposing or alternative viewpoint, on your chosen topic issue to demonstrate that you have good reason to expect that you can complete the requirements of this assignment within the time allotted.

See also Research-Based ARGUMENT ESSAY (Using at Least 5 Sources) Directions (handout)

Part 2.  Annotated Working Bibliography: Provide (a) complete MLA-style bibliographical entries and (b) annotation paragraphs on five to eight  at least 8 sources that you have already found and read so far, relevant to your chosen topic issue.  Cora will provide Example Annotated Working Bibliography entries (in Bb), with references to helpful sections of our textbook (e.g. Crusius and Channell 128-130 and 207-208).
--(a) Constructing MLA-Style Bibliographical Entries:
Review MLA Style Works Cited (handout) for common types of sources, and Cora will provide more MLA Style Documentation advice & models (in Bb)  as needed, as well as individualized help on any sources you don't know how to cite in MLA style
--(b) Writing Annotation Paragraphs For each of your five to eight sources, write a concise "annotation" paragraph (of three or four complete sentences) that briefly but clearly summarizes the source's contents (e.g its scope/thesis/main point/s), points out the source's relevance to your topic issue, and comments on the source's  value and (potential) usefulness in helping you fulfill requirement/s of and write your Research-Based Argument Essay assignment.
(P.S. Your annotation paragraphs should convince Cora that you have actually read/reviewed the sources.  And please do NOT write in FRAGMENTS.) 

--Clarity, Coherence, Correctness of Written Communication will also be considered in grading.

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