Formal Academic Summary                           Name:_____________________________
Evaluation Checklist
WR 122, Fall 2010, Prof. C. Agatucci                    Grade:_______________________
Final Draft = 50 pts possible
                                                                                 ____LATE Final Draft will be Penalized points & NO Revision Option allowed

___ Revision Option is allowed because word-processed, correctly formatted Final Draft was submitted on time. However, allowed Optional Revisions will NOT be accepted for re-grading consideration UNLESS both (1) Cora's completed Formal Academic Summary Final Draft Evaluation Checklist form and (2) your graded "Final Draft" with Cora's critique comments are re-submitted with your Revision.

Yes    or    No    I. Assignment BASIC REQUIREMENTS are met:

___Handwritten Final Drafts will NOT be accepted for grading.  Final Drafts must be word processed, double spaced, correctly formatted.

___Final Drafts may NOT be accepted for grading OR will be penalized in grading IF they do NOT meet the following Assignment BASIC REQUIREMENTS:

--1. Topic must address one of the following argument essays: Amber Young's "Capital Punishment: Society's Self-Defense" OR Julie Ross's "Why Residential Construction Needs to Get a Conscience" OR Justin Spidel's "Who Should Have the Right to Marry?" OR Elizabeth Baxley's "Be a Parent, Not a Friend" OR Angi Grellhesl's "Mediating the Speech Code Controversy."

--2. Length of Formal Academic Summary must NOT exceed one (1) word-processed, double-spaced page, using standard font/point size, 1" margins all around, etc.
     __Point Penalty
(equivalent to at least 1/2 grade) will be subtracted
if Formal Academic Summary exceeds assignment length limit.

--3. Genre & Manuscript Form (MS) must adhere to directions (and relevant examples) given in assignment handouts and in-class discussion:

II.  Evaluation of 4. Assignment CONTENT & COHERENCE:

___4a. Summary Paragraph is selective: only the argument essay's thesis and selected major supporting points are represented.
Minor points, specific examples, and details are NOT included in the Formal Academic Summary.
       --Length of Formal

___Length of Formal Academic Summary does not exceed 1-page double-spaced length limit, with first sentence/s of summary paragraph presenting the author's thesis and remaining sentences of summary paragraph presenting major points selected as most important to supporting the author's thesis

___4b. Summary Paragraph avoids extensive quotation: student primarily uses her/his own words to summarize/paraphrase essay thesis and main ideas, and demonstrating student's careful (re-)reading and understanding of the essay; IF direct quotations are used, they are limited and seem justified.  

___4c. Summary Paragraph is accurate: essay thesis and main points are accurately represented and meaning is NOT distorted in the student's summary, demonstrating the student's careful (re)-reading and understanding of the essay

___4d. Summary Paragraph  is objective:  objective representation of essay's thesis and main ideas does NOT include student's own opinions about the author's ideas NOR student's evaluative comment on quality or effectiveness of the author's writing.

___4e. Summary Paragraph is concise and clear:  student is concise in presenting essay thesis and main points in summary paragraph, by avoiding wordiness, redundancy, and weak repetition, as well as extensive quotation. Clear expression is maintained throughout the summary paragraph, clarity never being sacrificed in effort to be concise and stay within length limit.   See also Assignment Clarity and Correctness of Written Expression below.
___Summary Paragraph is organized and coherent: Content organization of the summary paragraph follows assignment directions--e.g. essay thesis is presented in the first sentence/s of the summary paragraph followed by representing selected main supporting points--even if following assignment direction requires departing from order in which thesis and selected main points are presented in the original essay. Organizational coherence is strengthened by incorporating appropriate transitions to indicate logical relationships among main points represented in summary paragraph. Coherence is also strengthened by maintaining clear expression throughout the summary paragraph.
See also Assignment Clarity and Correctness of Written Expression below.

__Evaluation of 5. Assignment Clarity and Correctness of Written Expression: 

__Clarity of Written Expression is maintained throughout the summary paragraph and strengthens its content and coherence
__Correctness of Written Expression
in Final Draft demonstrates effective proofreading, editing, and proficiency in standard U.S. written English conventions (e.g. grammar, usage, punctuation, and mechanics): that is, the Final Draft has been edited to eliminate major sentence errors (e.g. CS, FS, Frag, Pro Ref, WC, SS) that confuse meaning, and contains few other errors in grammar, usage, punctuation, and mechanics.


See also Formal Academic Summary Directions

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