Prep. for Essay #1 Worksheet Spring 2011 WR 121 Handout - Prof. Cora Agatucci
 5 pts = Prep. for Essay #1 Worksheet (one readable paper copy required)

DUE: _______________________________________________________

1. Identify the Muller textbook source that you plan to use in Essay #1, and try to follow correct MLA-Style Works Cited format when doing so.  For help, see MLA-Style Works Cited Examples available online:




2. Describe the topic focus and tentative thesis of your planned Essay #1.




3. Describe/List your tentative plans for developing and organizing your Essay #1.
Briefly describe the content points you are planning to include in your Essay #1, and list these content points in the order that you plan to address them.  (Feel free to brainstorm and speculate here, and be prepared to explain how these content points will contribute to and support your tentative thesis identified in item #2 above).







4. Identify the content idea/s and/or quotation/s from the Muller source (identified in item #1 above) that you plan to use in Essay #1:






See also Essay #1 Directions and Evaluation Checklist
and Example Student Essay #1 (available in our Blackboard course under Essay #1)


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