Seminar 2 Assignment (20 pts)
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HUM 213 Seminar 2: Girls of Riyadh, Offside, Bliss
Worth: 20 pts. possible; DUE: Mon., 4/25/11
To get all 20 points, you must complete the Seminar 2 Preparation (10 pts.) and be in class on  Monday, 4/25/11 to participate in the In-Class Seminar 2 small group and class discussion (10 pts.)

Seminar 2 Preparation:  

1.  Girls of Riyadh:  Choose one of the main characters - Gamrah, Sadeem, Lamees, or Michelle - outline the main events of her story and key/s to understanding her character.

2.  Girls of Riyadh:  Compare/contrast: what main differences and/or similarities do you see in the  the "girls" and their stories?  What do you think a main theme of the novel is?

3.  Read a couple of film reviews of Offside and/or Bliss.  (Or any news items of related interest.) Identify the reviews you read and briefly summarize two or three points made in the reviews.

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