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6 October 1998: Learning Resources

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Africa: Women (AfricaOnline)

African Women Writers (Cora Agatucci, Hum 211, Humanities Dept., Central Oregon Community College) - See AFRICAN ORATURE & LITERATURE LINKS
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Diotima: Materials for the Study of Women & Gender the Ancient World (Ross Scaife and Suzanne Bonefas launched this project in 1995; since then the site has largely been maintained by Scaife, 1995-2000): "... an interdisciplinary resource for anyone interested in patterns of gender around the ancient Mediterranean and as a forum for collaboration among instructors who teach courses about women and gender in the ancient world. This site includes course materials, the beginnings of a systematic and searchable bibliography, and links to many on-line resources, including articles, book reviews, databases, and images."  

Distinguished Women of Past and Present (Danuta Bois)
with biographies, bibliographies, images
...Black History Month:
...Related Sites:

The Ethnic Woman International (The Future Site):
For example, South African Woman's Charter for Effective Equity:

Organization of Women Writers of Africa (OWWA, New York): formed in 1991 by Jayne Cortez (USA) and Ama Ata Aidoo (Ghana), "OWWA is a nonprofit organization formed for the purpose of establishing links between professional women writers from Africa and its Diaspora."  

Third World and Third World Women (Nicola Graves, Spring 1996, Postcolonial Studies at Emory Univ.):

Violent Days: Algerian Women Writers and the Civil Crisis, by Patricia Geesey (Univ. of North Florida)  Rpt. International Fiction Review 27.1-2 (2000): 48-59.  Recent works of fiction by Algerian Women react to violence in their nation by writing to bear witness to their people's suffering at home and abroad. 

United Nations' Commission on the Status of Women:

United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women (Beijing, China - 4-15 Sept.1995) - "Action for Equality, Development and Peace":

bullet Profiles of Women Leaders (Leading to Beijing: Voices of Global Women) include Gertrude Mongella (Tanzania), Secretary General of the Fourth World Conference on Women, & Peggy Antrobus (Barbados), Coordinator of Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN):

"Women have always struggled with their men-folk for the abolition of slavery,
the liberation of countries from colonialism, the dismantling of apartheid
and the attainment of peace.
It is now the turn of men to join women in their struggle for equality."
--Gertrude Mongella, Secretary General of the Fourth UN World Conference on Women

bullet Beijing '95 - Women, Power, and Change [Archive] (WomensNet, Institute for Global Communications):

Critical Areas of Concern: 1.Poverty; 2.Education; 3.Health; 4.Violence Against Women;
5.Effects of Armed Conflict; 6.Economic Structures & Policies;
7.Inequality of Men and Women in Decision-Making; 8.Gender Equality;
9.Women's Human Rights; 10.Media; 11.Environment;
12.Girl Child; & 13.Financial Commitments

bullet "Bottle-Necks of Development in Africa," Wangari Maathai's speech presented to the 4th UN World Women's Conference (Beijing, China; Aug. 30 - Sept. 15, 1995):
bullet Related Internet Resources on Global Women (Leading to Beijing: Voices of Global Women - Univ. of Minnesota and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting):
bullet The World's Women On-Line! - Electronic Art Networking (in conjunction with the 4th UN World Women's Conference in Beijing):

United Nations' Women Watch: "The UN Internet Gateway on the Advancement and Empowerment of Women":

Women's Day Luncheon Speech, 8th August, 1997:
"It is a day on which we pay tribute to all women,
for our triumphs and for our tears, for our boldness, brains and beauty,
for being the rock on which society is founded. . . .
a fitting day to take stock of the situation of women in South Africa."
--Gill Marcus, Deputy Minister of Finance, South Africa
Read the entire speech:

Women, Culture, & Power  WSU [Washington State Univ.] Learning Commons (Authors:Eric Miraglia, Dept. of English/Student Advising and Learning Center; Dr. Richard Law, Director, General Education; and Peg Collins, Information Technology, Learning Systems Group): 

Women of Africa Resources (Candice Bradley, Lawrence Univ.):

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