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1 Cross-Cultural Study & Whale Rider (Fall 2006 Course Plan: Weeks #1 & 2)

Whale Rider: Maps online

Whale Rider Background Materials Online:

Whale Rider (1): Introduction (Disclaimer: Reveals plot)!
Whale Rider (2) Glossary
Whale Rider (3): Maori History - Western Ways of Knowing the Maori & Maori History

Daniel's Song (handout)
Translation Issues (handout)
Culture, Religion, and Myth: Interdisciplinary Approaches (handout)

Monomyth & Epic (handout)

Comparative Timelines of Asia: India, China, Japan

2Seven Samurai  (Fall 2006 Course Plan: Weeks #3 &4)

Introduction to Seven Samurai (handout)

Disclaimer: Rest of handouts reveal plot in increments:

Seven Samurai  Film Notes, Part I

Seven Samurai  Film Notes, Part II

Seven Samurai  Film Notes, Part III

Seven Samurai  Film Notes, Part IV

See also Brief Research Reports: Seminar #3 Student Sources

3A Pale View of Hills  (Fall 2006 Course Plan: Weeks #4 &5)

Introduction to A Pale View of Hills (handout)

4To Live - The Film & the Novel  (Fall 2006 Course Plan: Weeks #6 - 8)

Introduction to To Live (Yu Hua, Zhang Yimou, Film Notes: The 1940s & The Characters)

Disclaimer: Handouts reveal plot:

To Live 2: Film Notes, cont. (The 1950s, The 1960s, The 1970s; The Cultural Revolution)

To Live: Novel Notes (including commentary on Novel vs. Film, & Historical Context)

Film Adaptation: Four Paradigms

5Cracking India  (Fall 2006 Course Plan: Weeks #8-9)

Introduction to Cracking India

Disclaimer: Handouts reveal plot.

Cracking India Reading Guide Chs. 1-8





Postponed until further notice:

Translation Issues (2) - still under construction to be finished Wed. 9/27/06
Haiku (handout)

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