Film Worksheet #2: Pan's Labyrinth
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Juanita Student
FA 125, Prof. C. Agatucci
Film Worksheet #2:
Pan's Labyrinth
14 April 2010

Pan's Labyrinth (El Laberinto del Fauno). Dir. Guillermo del Toro. PictureHouse - Telecinco - Estudios Picasso Tequila Gang Esperanto Filmo, 2006. New Line Home Entertainment, 2007. DVD.

Film Worksheet #2: Pan's Labyrinth

Part A. READING ASSIGNMENTRead some film reviews or commentaries on Pan’s Labyrinth / El Laberinto del Fauno, on director Guillermo del Toro, and/or on related background topics (like Fairy Tale/Myth or Spain's 1935-1939 Civil War, or Fascism & Francisco Franco). 

1.  Describe three or four valuable points you learned from these reviews/commentaries and identify the source/s you consulted.

Part B. YOUR FILM VIEWING IMPRESSIONS:  Respond to FOUR of the following topics:

2.  Opening Sequence (consider visual images and musical score, the Faun's Voiceover, our introduction to protagonist Ofelia and to the magical insect):  Comment on the opening sequence: the impression/mood created, your interpretation of the (visual, musical, vocal) information provided, and what the opening leads you to expect  from this film.  

3. Three Worlds: The "real" world, Ofelia's "magic" world, and the Faun's "underworld" - Compare/contrast the visual presentations,  color palettes, characters and creatures of these worlds.

4.  Main Character (Protagonist):  Analyze Ofelia - AKA: Princess Moanna.  What are the three tasks/tests that Ofelia/Princess Moanna must perform? Does she pass or fail the tests?  How do Ofelia's actions illustrate the theme of "choice and disobedience"?

5.  Main Character (Antagonist): Analyze  Capt. Vidal (consider his room, his father's watch, his behaviors, violence, interactions with his family).  Who is the "monster" in this film?

6.  Comment on the effect/significance of the continual cross-cutting and alternation between the magical worlds and the real world, the unique “wipes” and transitions that shift us between these worlds, the “rhyming” or parallel elements that play roles in both worlds: e.g. the keys, the daggers, the sumptuous banquets. At what points do these worlds bleed into each other and merge? 

7.  Comment on the use of sound/music, color, other memorable or unusual shots, images, scenes, or sequences.

8.  Describe and explain your reactions to the controversial endings of the film.  Note the circular structure of the film -  ending where it began.  What happens to Ofelia? What happens to Princess Moanna?

9.  Pan's Labyrinth & The 400 Blows: Compare/contrast significant similarities and/or significant differences between these two films.

Part C: QUESTIONS: What questions or other comments do you have about the film?

See also Introduction: Pan's Labyrinth / El Laberinto del Fauno (handout)


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