Film Worksheet #1: The 400 Blows
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Juanita Student
FA 125, Prof. C. Agatucci
Film Worksheet #1:
The 400 Blows
7 April 2010

The 400 Blows. [French: Les Quatre cents coups.]  Dir. François Truffaut. Perf. Jean-Pierre Léaud, Claire Maurier, Albert Rémy, Patrick Auffay. Les Films du Carrosse, S.E.D.I.F., MK2, 1959. Janus Films: The Criterion Collection, 2006. DVD.

Film Worksheet #1: The 400 Blows

Part A. READING ASSIGNMENTRead some film reviews or commentaries on The 400 Blows / Les Quatre cents coups, or  François Truffaut, or a related topic like the French “New Wave” ("Nouvelle vague”) and the Auteur Theory. 

1.  List  three or four valuable points you learned from these commentaries and identify the sources you consulted.

Part B. YOUR FILM VIEWING IMPRESSIONS:  Respond to four of the following topics:

2. Opening Title Sequence:  Describe it, explain the impression/mood it creates, and what it leads you to expect  from this film.

3. Main Character (Protagonist) Antoine Doinel: Analyze the character Antoine Doinel.  You may also wish to comment on his relationship/s with other characters.

4. Key Locations: Describe, compare/contrast key locations as extensions of Antoine Doinel’s life:  e.g. School, Home, Streets. Prison, Reform School, Escape.

5. Plot Events: What are some of the key plot points, events, discoveries, or turning points in Antoine Doinel’s coming of age story? 

6. Memorable/Unusual Film Moments: What memorable or unusual shots, images, scenes, or  sequences stand out for you?   Describe one or two or them and try to explain why they struck you as interesting or significant.

7.  Closing Sequence: Describe and explain your reaction to the Closing Sequence (3 long takes and the famous freeze frame of Antoine Doinel)

8.  Theme/s: What messages or themes do you take away from your film viewing of The 400 Blows?

9.  Subtitles & Black and White: Describe your reactions to reading subtitles and to watching a film in black and white (vs. color).

Part C: QUESTIONS: What questions or other comments do you have about the film?

See also Introduction: The 400 Blows / Les Quatre cents coups (handout)

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